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About Denise A. Marshall

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Denise Marshall, a recognized and widely respected learning professional and facilitator, started her Learning & Development career in 2008. Since then. she's supported Fortune500, corporate, higher education, government, and non-profit organizations review and implement learning development programs that deliver real-world success.

Clients praise her ability to blend learning with her business acumen, technical expertise, and project management experience into sustainable opportunities designed for immediate and long-term success. She is widely recognized for her focus on knowledge transfer, addressing multiple learning styles and abilities, and metric support.

In 2017, after many years of performing contract work outside of her corporate learning and develop responsibilities, she founded her own company. A certified woman-owned small business, The Empty Lot, offers services and products driven to develop and improve learning opportunities specific to that client and organization, its employees, and its goals.

ADA Compliance

While ADA may stand for the Americans with Disabilities Act, many nations have similar requirements, standards, and recommendations.

As a recognized expert on these standards, Denise is widely respected for her awareness and adherence to WCAG 2.1 and its three levels.

EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are crucial considerations for training material design, development, and delivery. Denise is globally recognized is an expert in learning and development EDI standards and adjustments. 

Global Awareness

Adoption of both ADA compliance and EDI considerations lead into another field: global awareness.

With the world continuing to expand with global teams and audiences, maintaining both standards–and further expectations and considerations that arise from these–is more important than ever before.