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Base Camp Boot Camp

This innovative training experience works with you and your team on a project of your choice for innovative hands-on learning. Are you working to convert an instructor-led course into e-learning? Do you need to enhance a 5-year old virtual learning class so it is more engaging and uses more modern technology? Do you need to develop a course and have no idea where to start? Are your online courses still in Flash and not usable?


The “Base Camp Boot Camp” experience works with you and your team from start to finish to mentor through the fundamentals of the project and to provide expert guidance along the way.


ADA Compliance & EDI Awareness Consultations

Developing training materials that meet ADA compliance standards and its international equivalents is becoming more common throughout learning departments, whether it is required or it is an effort to move forward before the requirement happens.


A stronger awareness EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) is also growing within learning and development, often tied closely with ADA compliance requirements.

While these implementations can be intimidating, developing around these expectations is actually much simpler than it may seem. Request a consultation now to learn how your organization ranks with Belonging awareness and recommendations on how to improve.

Flash Conversion

The end of 2020 also saw the end of Flash, a media player used by many organizations for learning development. This resulted in a large amount of online training materials that are no longer accessible.

Many impacted organizations also realized that the files needed to update these materials cannot be found, or that they are so outdated the development tools needed for editing are no longer available or supported.

The Empty Lot offers both Flash conversion services and training classes on how to retrieve these courses in a way that they can be edited and republished once again.

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