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The Empty Lot offers a wide variety of learning and development services and support areas.


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The American with Disabilities Act requires appropriate accessibility built into learning materials. Many other countries and governments have similar policies that are required or recommended.

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EDI (Diversity)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is not only a growing awareness in learning development, but may also be a legal requirement or aspiration for your organization.


Receive personalized one-on-one coaching, development and mentoring through The Empty Lot Professional Coaching program, customized to your career goals.

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Schedule a consultation for your department or your organization for your learning needs, concerns, and challenges. Choose any topic within the Services area or present your own.

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Working Project
Boot Camp

An immediately applicable, real-time experience that involves one of your actual projects: work with an expert to learn how to implement a new methodology or improve on your current instructional design practices.

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Flash was discontinued at the end of 2020, but there are many courses and materials designed in Flash whose editable files are gone or obsolete. Flash conversion makes these courses usable--and editable!--once again.


Adaptive learning tailors the learning experience to the learner by assessing and evaluating the best ways that individual receives information. This can be done simply and manually by the learner or systematic and fully automated .

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Media for Learning Development

Media is everywhere in learning materials, and can range from simple illustrations and infographics to illustrated or live action videos. Each of these can additionally evolve into being interactive, including the videos!

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Often referred to as "Choose Your Own Adventure," scenario-based learning allows learners to make a decision that either gives immediate feedback and redirection or can allow self-correction through a realistic series of likely consequences.

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Blended Learning Solutions

Blended learning is when two or more training methodologies are combined. This can be a live classroom with elearning materials, a virtual live training session with interaction video scenarios, or any other combination that uses different learning methods for official training.

Virtual Learning Development

While there are many similarities between developing for a virtual classroom and a live one, virtual training development tends to be the most difficult type of training to complete successfully. It is important to consider and adapt to these nuances throughout the process.

Virtual Learning Faciliation

Similar to the parallels and challenges of developing a virtual classroom, facilitating a virtual classroom presents many of its own. Using a facilitator very familiar with the virtual environment is crucial for a successful and enjoyable session.


As important as it is to train employees, it is also important to help them grow and evolve in the role. Leadership development helps those in positions (or working to be in positions) that drive change and development within the organization.

Sales/Support Development

Both sales and support teams tend to have very high turnarounds. It is important to utilize standard training that educates quickly for new hires or new tools while also encouraging knowledge, empathy, and professional development.

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Elearning is much more than reviewing text on a screen and using a Next button: it needs to be dynamic, engaging, measurable in its knowledge transfer, and justify the cost of the expensive tools!

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Microlearning Development

Infographics, microvideos, games, blogs, and podcasts are some ways to "chunk" learning objectives into simple, quickly absorbed training. These can be supplemental or standard training materials.

Competency-Based Training

Rather than using a linear learning path, designing learning around compentencies, and more widely applicable terminable objectives, creates a learning experience that goes beyond roles and into professional development.

Instructor-Led to
Virtual / Elearning

Many training programs are needing to be redesigned or repurposed into a new environment. However, due to the different learning environment, these are not simple one-to-one transitions and require experienced planning and development.


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a constantly evolving responsibility. It is important to not only know but thoroughly understand the right questions and responses when evaluating, implementing, and even managing an LMS.

Workshops &

The majority of these topics are available as a live workshop or virtual webinar for you and your team. There are additional materials available for purchase, including ones that can be customized for your team or organization.
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