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About The Empty Lot

When it comes to an empty lot, everyone sees something different: one person might see a park, someone else a parking lot, another person a high-rise or a strip mall. However, everyone still sees potential that best matches their priorities.

The Empty Lot was founded on the principle that one size does not always fit all. The perfect solution for five other organizations may not be the right fit for another; timing, pricing, implementation, size, culture… there are many factors to keep in mind.

It’s important to have an advocate with knowledge and experience that understands your organization and offers solutions that compliment your goals instead of forcing your goals to fit into a poor solution. At The Empty Lot, we see every opportunity as a responsibility. We are driven to put your needs first, even if that means that right now is just not the right fit: our guarantee remains that we will still provide you with tools to help you move forward.

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The Empty Lot. Discover Potential.